Our Story

How did the Movement get started?


It seemed that winter that the year would bring nothing new. And then, the Movement happened.


When in November 2015 a group of more than thirty islanders and lovers of Croatian islands decided to meet at the Home of dreamers in Velo Grablje on the Island of Hvar, few could have guessed what kind of dreams that gathering would bring about. The meeting in Velo Grablje was preceded only by a couple of spontaneous encounters, and a study trip to Brussels. However, the desire and energy that were created during those encounters were carrying something completely new for all of us.

From the collective passion of the islanders who in their local communities dream of a different island and are developing ideas and projects to that end, finally, 48 hours after getting acquainted and exchanging the knowledge, ideas and experiences related to life on the island and around the island, created the core of the initiative which was given the name “the Island Movement”. The movement was named after an old  idea by our“dreamer” from Velo Grablje, Ivo Zaninović Graneta, about the project that would provide cultural connection to the island and islanders.

By gathering the islanders from the public, civil and private sectors, but also the individuals and organizations from outside the islands, we want to enable the responsible development of the islands. The Movement was born from the desire for establishing connections between various parties: active citizens, local stakeholders and experts, young and less young people and professionals in Croatia and wider – in short, all those who by example and their work want to be part of positive social changes that can speed up the transition to a more meaningful and more responsible island society through networking, learning, mentoring, development of the projects and sharing of information, knowledge and skills.

Although the Movement currently gathers the young, they want to make it an example of a successful intergenerational cooperation and become a meeting point for different age groups. The Platform, bothvirtual and non-virtual, is conceived as a place for all those looking for positive social change regardless of age, a place that will, to such actors, offer the possibility to gain new knowledge and skills, to build self-confidence, to find like-minded and partners, and to develop and implement their project ideas in the local community. The Movement will offer specific opportunities and tools for action directed at sustainable development and the transition towards a more responsible society.

Do you recognise yourself in this description? Come and join us!


The change that we want to achieve

We are witnessing a major change on all levels of life on Earth. We are becoming increasingly aware of the direction in which we need to go if we want to preserve the nature and society, not only for the “future generations”, but right now. The indisputable fact is that it is not only the future of our generations that is threatened, but also our daily lives, a conclusion that was reached in December 2015 by world leaders during climate negotiations. What worries us now is the idea that our children, if we keep going at this pace and in this way, will not have the opportunity to swim in the clean sea, eat tomatoes from the garden or fish from the local fishermen. ncontrolled polluting of the nature, unregulated waste management, apartmanization, the sale of natural resources and short term money games result in long-term negative consequences such as degraded human relationships, depopulation of islands, disappearance of traditional heritage and culture. These are some of the consequences of social (non-)development that we are witnessing on the islands.

Despite the discouraging news and negativity which we witness every day, if we focus our attention on different sources of information, we will perceive various successful efforts of the individuals who are working to build the different world.

Numerous individuals and organizations in urban and rural areas rose and started working on the positive social change and the creation of a new, more responsible and sustainable society. They are everywhere: on the global, national and local level and are more and more visible. We want to be a part of that creation and to lead our islanders towards better version of the world we deserve.

Until recently we were individuals and organizations, each lonely on its island. We recognized each other because we live in similar environments, with similar people and daily challenges. The biggest reason for our connection is that we share the similar vision – interconnected islands, the islanders who cooperate, who are aware of the value of themselves, their community and the island.

Together we want to create the community that is strong enough to act and to change things for the good of all islanders, citizens and beyond.  The community that has the strategy and knowledge to achieve what it wants – to preserve the islands and their culture, developing relationships and making the islands self-sustainable. While as individuals we are an island for ourselves, what brings us together in a meaningful community are responsible and sustainable Islands and the sea of possibilities for their development.

For a long time it is known “be the change you want to see in the world”. If we won’t, who will? If we are not the ones that will preserve and connect our islands , who will? We, in the Movement are the ones who stopped saying “tukalo bi” (it should be) and started acting. We believe that what we are manifested only through our actions in the world. We want to act and to move. Do you want to?


On what values is the Movement based?

Our values form the foundation of the community, directing all actions and decisions. Although we come from different backgrounds and approach life topics from different aspects, these values are what holds us together. They are not created over night, but are the result of long exchange of views which was preceded by the creation of the Movement. As the Movement, this list is not final, but it can grow with each new individual and his/her contribution.


..is key virtue to achieve happiness and success because with it we take our destiny into our own hands so that it does not depend on others or about the circumstances.


..contributes to involvement, participation of all members of the Movement. With relevant information, people can make decisions and participate in addressing the issues that concern them. Transparency contributes to social responsibility.


..is an awareness that we are all connected in the whole in which we achieve a common goal. Fellowship allows the survival, development and progress of the individuals and society as a whole.


…Is defined as an intentional process that includes the initiative and the action of a person in taking control in their own life and better access to social resources with the purpose of achieving personal and collective goals.


..is a voluntary social cohesion, readiness to help and grant mutual support within the group. People are solidary with someone if they support his/her achievements and failures and feel them as their own.


..refers to the willingness to actively seek information that is contrary to our beliefs, plans or goals and to critically consider, if available. This does not mean we are indecisive, halting or we do not have an opinion.


..implies that all parts of the society benefit from growth, including the poor and marginalized individuals and groups as well as the most vulnerable in the community.


..tolerant person is the one who acts conciliatory toward someone or something, without exclusion, the one who is conciliatory and liberal. Tolerance is the characteristic of one who is tolerant, and to tolerate means to permit, to allow, to concede, respecting the rights, opinions, somebodies customs, to suffer, to endure.


..is based on linking two or more well – known ideas in such a way it leads to something new, previously unknown. We are all creative if we are willing to listen to guidance of our hearts that opens our creative potentials.


..is a condition of society in which individuals  make decisions independently in the area of their work and  in life in general.


..represents appliance of the new and enhanced idea, act, public good, service, process that brings new services or the quality in usage.


..is human virtue of credible action and communication, in compliance with a sense of righteousness and loyalty


.. is part of us that has ability to observe the self and the world around us, it is quiet, silent part and awaken presence that pays attention to all that we are experiencing without the judgement

General well – being

..is a state of good health, safety, happiness and prosperity of the individuals and groups


..is the consistency and loyalty to our own principles, the commitment to fundamental values and our own life purpose, state of balance and wholeness, moral integrity. Authenticity of being is experiencing ourselves in harmony with the world, trust that we have the right to be ourselves and that we have unique role in the world.

Every day together we learn and grow. You can also become a part of the Movement!